Guided Tours

Stroll through the chambers at Burg Oberkapfenberg.  Hear all about the interesting and amusing things that were part of daily life in the castle and learn how the Stubenbergs lived.

What is the manhole? How deep is the cistern?  Which symbolism can be seen in the Counts of Stubenberg coat of arms?  Answers to all these questions and more will be found as you walk about the castle.

Length of the tour: approx. 50 mins.

Guided tour through the exhibition

Take a journey back in time to visit the crusaders and alchemists.  The modern multi-media installation brings the story of Wulfing von Stubenberg and his crusade to life. 

In the mysterious world of alchemy we will try to unlock the alchemists’ deepest secrets about the art of making gold.  In 2005 in a hidden passageway close to the castle, the only intact alchemist’s furnace in all of Europe was found.  Marvel at the treasures that were found near the furnace. 

Length of the tour: approx. 50 mins.

Guided tour to the Loreto Chapel

A short walk of about ten minutes is the start of the Loreto tour.  Along the remains of the walls of the first castle and the mountain spring our path will take us to the 17th Century Loreto Chapel.

A special highlight on this tour is looking down from the gallery into the chapel.

Length of the tour: approx. 50 min incl. the hike back to the castle.