Birds of prey demonstration

Birds of prey demonstration

the one-of-a-kind birds of prey demonstration will delight you again and again.

With an unforgettable panorama as their backdrop, our birds of prey demonstrate their breathtakingly daring untethered flight moves. Watch the eagles, buzzards, falcons, and owls up close and personal. 
Be close to the action watching a griffon vulture gliding through the air or the plummet of a falcon at prey.

The most modern structural designs, aviaries that are spacious and appropriate for the species and barrier-free facilities are just a few of the reasons that a visit to the Falconry at the Castle is fun for everyone.

from April to October
Wednesday-Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. (exceptions in the castle calendar)

€    9.00    adults
€    8.00    pensioners, students, apprentices              
€    6.00    children (5 - 15 years)
€  15.00    familiy: 1 adult
€  24.00    familiy: 2 adults

Photoshooting with a bird of prey

You can hold a bird of prey on your hand.

Price for 1 falconer with a bird of prey                €  88.00
Price for 2 falconers with 1 bird of prey each           € 176.00